Shaw C Y.
Bibliographic info:
ASHRAE Trans. 1984 vol.90, part 1A, 212-225, 10 figs, 5 tabs, 6 refs. #DATE 00:00:1984 in English

Compares the air change rates measured using the decay method with several different tracer gases. The tracer gas measurements were conducted in atightly sealed room where constant air leakage rates, ranging from 0.05 to 1 air change per hour could be maintained using an exhaust fan. The tracer gases investigated were CH4, CO, CO2, N2O and SF6. The agreement between tracer gas measurements and measured flow rates of the exhaust fan was very good for CH4, CO and N2O. The agreement was also satisfactory for CO2 and SF6, but thescatter in their data was much greater than for the other three gases.