Kilmartin L F, Porteous C D A
Bibliographic info:
France, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment, proceedings of the Second International Conference on Buildings and the Environment, held Paris, June 9-12 1997, Volume 1, pp 317-324.

The paper describes a pilot-study set up to identify links between internal environmental quality and perceived well-being in a 1970's higher educational building housing the Mackintosh School of Architecture. The supposition is that such links may in turn inhibit/promote greater productivity. The study embraces a variety of working situations for staff and students and explores levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction by means of questionnaire. Although limited in its size with 180 respondents as well as in its scope, since it lacks objective measurements other than those concerning definition of space, the study provides evidence of linkage between such known physical parameters and perception. For example, 'satisfaction' to 'dissatisfaction' slopes/curves for environmental criteria are evident relative to orientation and distance from windows. Priorities are also ranked, with cramped space the greatest concern