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Design of inlets and outlets and their regulation in conjunction with natural ventilation in live stock buildings

Anon, 1983
animal house | ventilation | indoor climate | natural ventilation | odour | organic compound
Bibliographic info: Sweden University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Farm Buildings, Division of Agricultural Building Technology, Lund, 1983, 66pp, #DATE 01:01:1983, in Swedish,
Languages: English

A livestock building for 30 cows in loose housing was constructed in 1982. In the cow stable natural ventilation is provided through openings along the eaves. New types of inlets and outllets have been designed for natural ventilation systems. The regulation system for the air flow rate is a modified P-type regulator. Using timesharing of the regulation function, the inlet areas can be regulated in groups by means of four different temperature sensors in the building. In the autumn of 1982 and the winter/spring of 1983, the indoor climate was recorded and the occurrences of manure gases were checked. The measurements were analysed in order to verify the theoretical design model. Computer simulation has also been carried out in combination with different inlet and outlet areas.

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