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Changes of indoor climate in dwellings because of renewal of windows and tightening of joints. Indeklimaforandringer i bolige efter vinduesudskiftninger og fugetaetning.

Korsgaard J. Lundqvist G.R., 1980
air quality | window | thermal comfort | tight house | double glazing | humidity | joint | retrofit
Bibliographic info: Varme December 1980 vol.45 no.6 p.111-116
Languages: English, Danish

In order to reduce heating energy consumption, single glazed windows are commonly replaced by double glazing and joints tightened in Danish dwellings. Reports investigation of the influence of such tightening of dwellings on the indoor climate. 25 tightened and 25 not-tightened identical flats were investigated. Finds an improvement in thermal climate and a significant reduction in heat consumption in the retrofitted flats. Finds absolute humidity of indoor air was significantly higher in improved flats, probably due to reduced ventilation. Discusses possibility that this might cause an increase in house mites leading to increased risk of allergy in the population.

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