Akoua A.A., Allard F., Beghein C., Collignan B.
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RoomVent 2004, 9th international conference in University of Coimbra - Portugal, 5-8th september 2004, pp 5, 7 Fig., 2 Tab., 1 Photo, 6 Ref

This paper reports experimental study of air quality in the kitchen of the CSTB experimental house MARIA. These experiments are transition between measurements in an experimental cell and in situ measurements. Indeed, ventilation conditions are controlled via either a hood or via a mechanical ventilation at the exhaust. The kitchen studied is also equipped with a pan on an electric cook-top which temperature is controlled. However, unlike measurements in test cells, wall temperatures cannot be controlled. Impact of cooking vapour on indoor air quality is analyzed using a tracer gas (SF6). The experiments repeatability is analysed. Thereafter, usual index of contaminant removal efficiency is used to assess the cooking vapour removal efficiency of the ventilation system handled.