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Airtightness and thermal insulation: building design solutions Lufttathet och varmeisolering byggnadstekniska losninger

Carlsson, B., Elmroth, A., Engvall, P-A, 1979
building design | construction detail | joint | vapour barrier
Bibliographic info: Swedish Council for Building Research T24:1979
Languages: English

Gives comprehensive and detailed instructions for the design and construction of airtight buildings. Discusses the problems involved in building an airtight house. Gives details of materials and methods for sealing joints, installing a vapour barrier and adding thermal insulation. Notes the difficulties in making penetrations for services, such as for electricity, water, space heating and ventilation, airtight. Describes three projects - at Taby, Umea and Akersberga - where test houses were constructed and gives details of their construction.

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