EASE demonstration project: APCHQ s advanced house


Energy-efficient housing construction.

The house as a system.

Control of radon in houses.


New residential building construction in the US.

Summarizes the information obtained concerning new residential construction in the US and points out important differences between US and Swedish technology and construction methods for energy efficient housing. Selected building components for US housing are described and compared with corresponding Swedish techniques. Most important differences are -1. Differences in ventilation strategies - almost all new Swedish houses have continuous mechanical ventilaton. 2. The airtightness of building envelopes. 3. Wall constructions and standard insulation practices.

Masonry walls.

Discusses masonry walls in relation to the air tightness of buildings. Considers mainly panel walls constructed of concrete blocks. States that in general such walls are very leaky, due mainly to shrinkage of the wall itself and deformation of the surrounding structure. Discusses the addition of insulation to wall, sealing of joints around window frames and at the edge of the floor slab. Gives diagrams showing details of building construction.