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Air change rates in buildings. Byginingers luftskifte

Collet P.F., 1976
air change rate | air infiltration | air leakage | tracer gas | flat | house | nitrous oxide | pressurization
Bibliographic info: Varme. December 1976, 41, (6), 161-168
Languages: Danish

Summarises results of research project comprising survey of air tightness and natural air change rates in various types of residential building. Briefly describes equipment for pressurization tests and tracer gas measurements. Compares properties, range of measurement and cost of 5 different tracer gases. Provides some results from measurements in 53 single family houses and 28 flats. 9 of tested dwellings had their tightness improved and supplementary measurements made. Concludes from analysis of results that despite current relatively low air change rates it should be possible to effect significant energy savings by reducing natural air change rates of buildings.

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