Calculation of infiltration air exchange in buildings. Berechnung des Filtrationsluftaustausches in Gebauden.

Points out importance of ventilation heat losses in calculating total heat requirements of a building, and necessity of its analysis for multi-storey buildings. Describes bases and possible fields of application of a quick and efficient calculation method. Calculations demonstrate that ventilation heat loss varies considerably from storey to storey, and that a standard storey should not be used when calculating the heating surfaces required for individual rooms.

Restricting discomfort zones in the vicinity of window. Einschrankung der in Fensternahe entstehenden Diskomfortzonen.

One cause of these discomfort zones is cold air infiltration through window joints. This can be deflected using a warm air curtain. Describes tests showing that the degree of deflection depends to a large extent on the pulse ratio of the intermixing air flows. Describes chart compiled when experimental results were evaluated permitting determination of volume of air to bedischarged by nozzle convectors sufficient to diminish discomfort zone.

Intermittent ventilation of domestic premises from the energy aspect. Die Stosslufting von Wohnraumen aus energetischer Sicht.

Discusses oxygen requirements and moisture emission of individuals and generation of CO2, odours, and aerosols in inhabited rooms. Treats calculation of hygienically necessary air flow rates. Notes characteristics of continuous andintermittent ventilation, whereby additional outside air is discharged into a room at set intervals when continuous airflow rate falls below hygiene requirements. Compares hygienically adequate, continuous ventilation with intermittent ventilation by calculating hygienically-necessary outside air flowrate using a mathematical mode.

Infiltration heat loss of buildings taking account of wind and stack effects. Der Luftungswarmebedarf von Gebauden unter Wind und Auftriebseinflussen.

Describes new calculation procedure which forms a basis for 1978 draft in German Standard DIN 4701 "Building heat demand calculation". Defines infiltration heat loss. Examines previous German standard calculation procedure. Outlines basis of natural air flows in buildings in some detail including effect of air pressure and stack effects. Treats pressure distributions affected by wind and stack effects. Describes mass flow balances for 2 building types and infiltration heat losses.