A compilation of papers for the Indoor Air 2002 Conference in memory of Joan M. Daisey

This document compiles papers produced by staff and collaborators of the Indoor Environment Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for presentation at the Indoor Air 2002 Conference, to be held June 30 – July 5, 2002 in Monterey, California. The Indoor Air Conference, held every three years, is the largest international conference on indoor air quality and was last held in the United States during 1981.


The VOC removal filter for ceiling cassette type air conditioners was developed as a countermeasure against “sick school”. This paper illustrates basic performance of the developed filter, the detail of toluene removal examinations in an experiment room a

Analyse des résultats de la réhabilitation énergétique de 3 lycées

In France, for historical and demographic reasons, many educational buildings must be retrofitted in the next years.However, various studies showed that measurements of energy savings, and improvement of comfort, are rarely applied in the retrofitting operations, because of a lack of knowledge of the decision makers concerning the potential improvements.The program REDUCE of International Energy Agency - ECBCS Annex 36, and studies aiming at promoting the high environmental quality of the educational buildings in France, showed the existence of a potential improvement of the energy efficie

Contraintes du confort d'été lors de la rehabilitation d'un lycée

Several high schools in the south east of France are subject to a major work of renovation. These works need to take into account the problem of summer comfort for a better well-being and intellectual performance of students. One of it was chosen to carry a study on the specific constraints for achieving summer comfort. The study consists of surveys, monitoring and simulations. This enables to determine the major causes of the summer discomfort in field and to propose several passive solutions. These solutions were assessed by simulation using a dynamic simulation tool.

Energy-Environmental Efficiency in the Integrated Design of a School Building in Imola, Italy

The Municipality of Imola is strongly committed to environmental friendly and energy consciouspolicies both at urban planning level and public building design. In particular, the latest constructionplan of a new junior High School building has given a chance for checking an environmentally sound and energy conscious approach on the architectural and technological design development of an educational building.

Relationship between outdoor and indoor air quality in eight French schools

That study provides data on compared outdoor and indoor concentration levels of ozone and nitrogen oxides in 8 school buildings in France. It also gives information on the parameters that influence the relationship between outdoor and indoor air quality (such as indoor humidity, indoor temperature, building occupancy, airthightness of the building envelope). Results and discussion are presented.

Numerical Study of Thermal Response of School Buildings in Winter Conditions

In this work a numerical model, that simulates the buildings thermal response and evaluates theinternal air quality in transient conditions, is validated and used. This multi-nodal model calculates notonly the buildings temperatures and the air water vapour and contaminants mass, but also the air relative humidity inside the spaces, the solar radiation inside and outside building surfaces, the heat and mass convection coefficient, the views factors between internal surfaces, the heat and mass fluxes and the global thermal comfort level.

Effect of Particulate Air Cleaners on the Content of airborne Dust and Cat Allergen in Classrooms

Electrostatic air cleaners (precipitators) were tested in four classrooms during ordinarylessons for four weeks. Airborne dust in the classrooms was collected on filters using two different kinds of samplers: IOM-sampler and a new kind of ionizing sampler. The amount of collected dust was evaluated by visual inspection (filter blackening) and the content of cat allergen was measured using an amplified ELISA assay. It was found that the filter blackening was 64% lower when the air cleaners were active than when they where inactive (p

Personal exposures to particles and microbes in relation to microenvironmental concentrations

324 microenvironmental measurements were carried out with identical protocols on 81 elementary teachers working in 2 cities in eastern Finland. They allowed the comparison of the personal exposure to particles and microbes with the exposure assessed by stationary samplers in home and workplace.

Nasal histamine reactivity among adolescents in a remediated moisture-damaged school - a longitudinal study

This paper sums up a longitudinal study carried out on a group of students and teachers in a remediated moisture-damaged school. Registration of subjective data (questionnaires) and objective data (nasal histamine reactivity) has been made. Results and discussion are presented.