Wind and temperature induced pressure differentials and an equivalent pressure difference model for predicting air infiltration in schools.

Describes continuous measurements of wind induced pressure differences across the exterior walls of two schools taken over a period of 8 months. These schools were selected from a total of eleven schools whose air leakage characteristics had been previously studied. Calculates air infiltration rates caused by wind using the measured differentials. Evaluates equivalent pressure differentials caused by wind. Calculates uniform pressure differentials caused by stack action using a computer model.

Schools: Air tightness and infiltration.

Reports pressurization tests on eleven schools both with the air handling system on and with it off. Obtains air leakage through components of the building by comparing overall leakage rates before and after sealing each component. Uses leakage rates to calculate air infiltration using a simplified model of a school building. Finds that infiltration caused by stack effect is significant even for a single-storey building.