Study of the indoor air quality in offices building

The main objective of our study was to know more about indoor air quality in offices building over a long period. Our study has been carried out in one building located downtown Lyon (France). Measurements have been carried out one day each month during a one year period. Indoor air quality in the offices along with the one of air flows of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) installation (outdoor air, blown air and returned air) has been characterised by temperature and relative humidity of air, dust concentration level, air biocontamination and CO2 concentrations.

Thermo-hydraulic measurements in urban environment

Measurements of wind speed and wind direction, air temperature inside and outside an urbancanyon also infrared radiation in buildings have been measured on summer 2001 in Athens, in fivedifferent urban canyons, in the frame of Urbvent project. Urban canyons with different geometricalcharacteristics and orientation were placed in five different neighborhoods in Athens.Measurements took place in four different height levels inside each canyon, in the facades ofthem, also in the top of each canyon.

Study on indoor humidity distributions

This study investigates the behavior of vapor in a ventilated room in which vapor is being produced. A test chamber equipped with three types of ventilation ducts and a vessel filled with heated water for evaporation was analyzed both experimentally and numerically. Experimental results showed that temperature and moisture distributions differed depending on the ventilation types. A numerical model of vapor generation from the heated water was introduced to simulate the evaporation.

Performance study on hybrid ventilation system with air supply from crawl space using a test house

Ventilation is one of the most important measures to dilute indoor air pollutants. In order to maintain a clean indoor air environment, not only the total ventilation rate of the building but also the distribution of outdoor air to each area must be taken into consideration. A performance evaluation of the combined system of air supply from the crawl space and hybrid exhaust ventilation with a small fan and damper has been investigated. This investigation was undertaken over a heating season using a full-scale test house.

Experimental work on a linked, dynamic and ventilated, wall component

In conventional construction, the ventilation air enters a building through a combination of ‘desired’ pathways, via opened apertures, such as a window, vents, and ‘undesired’ pathways, via cracks such as around external openings, joints between building

Experimental evaluation of the performance of a prototype hybrid solar photovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) air collector for the integration in sloped roof

Detailed simulation studies on the design and development of PV/T systems are being carried out at the Politecnico di Milano, for their possible integration with a sloped roof. Subsequently, a proto-type PV/T air heating collector has designed, manufactured and tested at the experimental site Parco Lambro in Milan in collaboration with a private industry. Thermal and electric efficiencies have been assessed during several days of experimentation.

Advanced façades and HVAC systems : preliminary results of full-scale monotoring

Double skin façades may help combine a high degree of transparency with high thermal and solar performance. Advanced façades serve as filters and may be responsive to changes in environmental conditions and occupant requirements. Since the strategies for

Radiant ceiling panel HVAC system integrated with ice storage system - Experimental evaluation in model office -

In this paper, the authors are proposing a concept of a radiant ceiling panel HVAC system integrated with ice storage system to cope with the following requirements : load leveling, energy saving, cost saving and thermal comfort. Series of measurements were carried out on six model office fixtures displayed in a room equipped with that concept of radiant ceiling panel.That system provided a good thermal environment which tallied with the Ashrae et ISO recommandations.The authors plan to introduce this system into real buildings.

Aerodynamic sealing with air curtains - Experimental tests -

This paper deals with the use of an Air Curtain Device in a typical HVAC application where there is a need to provide aerodynamic sealing between a comfortable human enclosure and a warmer neighbour space.Three different complementary experiments were used in this work : tracer gas method (N2O), Flow field mapping and Infrared thermo-graphic visualizations.The used experimental methods revealed adequate and complementary to understand the flow topology of the studied case

The influence of different ventilation and chicken farming systems on the ammonia and odour emission stream

Emissions due to chicken farming should be minimised because they increase the greenhouse effect on the one hand and odours lead to annoyance. This paper sums up the investigations conducted in various chicken houses to analyse the effect of drying the chicken manure. The emissions streams were measured in different sites with tracer gas (SF6 or Krypton 85). Thanks to suitable ventilation systems the manure can be dried and thus ammonia and odour emissions streams can be purposefully reduced.