Cobalt control and other filing room ventilation issues.

The need for control of cobalt from saw filing has been demonstrated by health studies in Finland, Washington state and British Columbia. I am most familiar with the study done in BC, because that is where I live and work. That study was done by a team led by Drs. Susan Kennedy and Kay Teschke, of the University of BC. They observed work activity and measured filers lung function in 8 sawmills, from June to December 1991. They found a high incidence of significantly below normal lung function. Their report was widely and effectively communicated to the sawmill industry.

Dimensioning and economical optimisation of an air curtain device.

The usage of Air curtain units, installed on the large openings of industrial buildings is one of the most practical and effective preventive methods applied against the uncontrolled outdoor cold air flows through the open doorways. The prevailing outdoor conditions and sometimes the indoor mechanical ventilation conditions do vary during the opening periods of the doorways of an industrial building.

Draught and cold in industrial buildings.

In Scandinavia draught, cold and temperature changes are very general problems. About 50-70 % of responders in the questionnaires have reported about these adverse effects and this trend has increased during last decades. These problems are related to discomfort, accident risks and also indoor air quality. Reason behind problems in industrial buildings is mostly related to climate, draught at outer door openings and problems with ventilation.

Prevention of cold air flow penetration into industrial buildings: a design guide.

The penetration of cold outdoor air into industrial buildings is a severe problem in countries having a cold, arctic or subarctic climate. The cold air, penetrating into the building mainly through the open doorways, causes discomfort to the workers, disturbs the functioning of the ventilation system and increases the energy and maintenance costs of the building. What even worse, the industrial process could be disturbed and even stopped, which could lead to high production and financial losses.