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Prevention of cold air flow penetration into industrial buildings: a design guide.

Siren K, Hejazi-Hashemi S, 2000
building design | industrial building
Bibliographic info: in: "Progress in Modern Ventilation", Proceedings of Ventilation 2000, Volume 2, proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Ventilation for Contaminant Control, held Helsinki, Finland, 4-7 June 2000, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Languages: English

The penetration of cold outdoor air into industrial buildings is a severe problem in countries having a cold, arctic or subarctic climate. The cold air, penetrating into the building mainly through the open doorways, causes discomfort to the workers, disturbs the functioning of the ventilation system and increases the energy and maintenance costs of the building. What even worse, the industrial process could be disturbed and even stopped, which could lead to high production and financial losses. To prevent all such adverse effects in advance, the preventive measures should be integrated into the planning and building process. The goal of the activity described here, was to develop for the ventilation designer a tool, which he could use to support the analysis, design and decision making related to the cold air aspect. In the first stage a quantitative verification of the adverse effects of the cold air penetration was made (1, 2). In the second stage an analysis and classification of the drawbacks was carried out. Further, a systematic approach (a design guide) (3) to tackle the problem was developed and finally a computational supportive tool was finalised.

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