Sorption-supported AC system in a printing office.

One of the first sorption-supported air-conditioning systems ("Desiccative Evaporative Cooling Systems") in an industrial building in Germany was installed in a printing office in Waiblingen, a town in southern Germany. The circumstances for such a system showed to be optimal, as the printing office is equipped with its own co-generation system delivering a considerable amount of waste heat. The experiences made with the system in the hot and humid summer of 1995 were very positive.

The basics of industrial ventilation design.


The effect on ventilation parameters of various ventilation strategies.

The work described in this paper is aimed at predicting the local values of the ventilation eflectiveness parameters of large industrial buildings by a technique which involves the use of computational fluid dynamics and multizonal modelling. A modelling technique is described and applied to a typical modern industrial building equipped with both, mixing and displacement ventilation systems. The results of modelling each of the above systems are presented and discussed.