Air-air PAC and motion ventilation at INA Roulements.


Field measurements of interactions between furnaces and forced-air distribution systems.

Measurements on three gas and two electric furnaces have been made to examine the field performance of these furnaces and their interactions with their forced-air distribution systems. The distribution systems were retrofitted as part of this study, and the impact of retrofitting on furnace performance is discussed. In addition to field measurements, this paper discusses how forced-air furnace systems are treated in proposed ASHRAE Standard l 52P and applies the resulting equations to the systems tested in the field.

Design criteria for air filtration in general industrial ventilation.

There has been lack of fact-based knowledge for design and operation of supply-air filters for general industrial ventilation. A multi-company project within the Industrial Ventilation (INVENT) technology programme was started in 1994 to tackle this problem area which is assumed to be the most problematic one, according to the feedback from end-users in several industries, who also made the initiative to this project.

A methodology for the practical assessment of natural ventilation designs in industrial buildings with reference to the indoor thermal comfort.

The design of natural ventilation devices in industrial buildings is complicated by the nonlinear interaction between the air flow rate and the indoor air temperature. Designs are therefore usually based on relatively simple calculations of the areas of ventilation openings to provide a specified flow rate at a given indoor/outdoor air temperature difference. However, the practical performance testing required for acceptance of the ventilator design still remains a difficult and dubious task.