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Numerical simulation on natural ventilation system combined with solar chimney and underground coolth.

The results of numerical simulation on the effects of solar chimney and underground cooling system for ventilation and heating in the new building of Faculty of International Environmental Engineering Kitakyushu University, Japan are described. It was found interesting to see the air flow rates with and without the effects of wind during the cooling period and air temperature during the heating period due to the solar chimney.

Comfortability in urban houses of the tropics.

For a house to be habitable it needs to be comfortable. In the warm humid climates interiors need to be cool for most of the year in order to be comfortable vis a vis habitable. There are many factors that contribute to the comfortable part of the overall habitability of a house particularly its aspects of design. The paper analyses the thermal conditions in ten different houses in Dhaka, Bangladeshi in representative days of the three main seasons and tries to identify design aspects that make some houses more comfortable hence habitable than others

Roof design for natural cooling.

A recent European project explored combinations of radiative and evaporative cooling processes involving the roof for application in the Mediterranean region. The paper introduces the experimental applications which were built and tested as part of the project and the design considerations and applicability data derived from simulation models validated with the experimental results

Air distribution and air quality in a large open space.

A case study of the ventilation characteristics of office accommodation forming part of a recently refurbished building is presented. A mechanical system has been installed to ventilate and cool two floors that are interconnected by a series of atria, with a novel application of displacement ventilation applied where there is a very low ceiling height. The air distribution and air quality within the space have been studied by the application of computational fluid dynamics (cFD) to allow the computation of air change effectiveness in terms of local mean age.