Smith K R
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Air Vol 6, the 3rd International Conference on Indoor Air Air Quality and Climate, 20-24 August 1984. Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm, 1986. p43-47. 1 tab, 6 refs. #DATE 00:00:1986 in English

Air pollution is not just a phenomenon associated with urbanization and industrialization. It is possible that the principal exposures to several important pollutants occur in rural areas of developing countries where the population relies on biomass fuels for their energy needs. These fuels have large emission factors for particulates, CO and a range of hydrocarbons. Rural studies have found very high BaP concentrations. Effects on health have not been researched, but can be assumed to be similar to urban occupational air pollution effects. Respiratory disease has now been identified as the chief cause of death in the developing world, replacing diarrheal diseases.