This page lists the Proceedings (titles and abstracts) of the 11th International BUILDAIR Symposium, held on 24- 25 May 2019 in Hannover, Germany.

Contains 25 titles and abstracts. 

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The book of proceedings of the 11th International BUILDAIR Symposium "Airtight Buildings, Thermography and Ventilation Systems in Practice",  held on May 24- 25  2019, in Hannover, Germany. Contains 25 abstracts.
International BUILDAIR Symposium
Purpose of the work
Hartwig M. Künzel, Philipp Kölsch, Daniel Zirkelbach
Purpose of the workThis lecture addresses the problems that arise when wall and roof sections are broken down into prefabricated elements.Content of the contribution
Helmut Schuler
Establishing an airtight building envelope requires both materials for the surfaces and joining materials for the airtight sealing of joints between components and penetrations, as well as splices and overlappings.
Stefan Hückstädt, Michael Förster
Purpose of the workImprove the effectiveness and performance of ventilation systems. Are there hygienic concerns regarding a ventilation system?Method of approach
Theo Reuter
Purpose of the workIs a ventilation system mandatory in airtight buildings? To what extent can users still be responsible for ventilation in modern buildings?Method of approach
Oliver Solcher
Purpose of the work
Martin Prignon, Arnaud Dawans, Geoffrey van Moeseke
Purpose of the work This paper presents the challenges of conducting air permeability measurements in very densely constructed buildings and apartments. Content of the contribution
Stefanie Rolfsmeier
Purpose of the work
Andreas Kaschuba-Holtgrave, Angela Rohr, Stefanie Rolfsmeier, Oliver Solcher
Purpose of the workClear and substantiated instructions for airtightness measurements of high-rise buildings, taking into account the particular requirements resulting from building height
Søren Peper, Jürgen Schnieders