Theo Reuter
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11th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 24- 25 May 2019, Hannover, Germany

Purpose of the work

Improve the effectiveness and performance of ventilation systems. Are there hygienic concerns regarding a ventilation system?

Method of approach

Practical experience as an expert in the field

Content of the contribution

Airtightness is mandatory, which also makes ventilation concepts mandatory. Today, the construction/renovation of a building without a ventilation system is impractical in terms of energy efficiency. The minimum air change rate and moisture protection must also be taken into account. Unfortunately, in many buildings the installation location of a controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) system is already incorrect and an air flow rate calibration is not performed correctly. A common argument that clients use to oppose a CMV system is fear of mold in piping. Do air ventilation systems really make people sick? Practical experiences and investigations also demonstrate the actual hygienic conditions in a CMV system. The presentation points out typical planning errors and implementation problems based on the practical experience of an expert in the field. A simple planning checklist can be derived from the contents that can be used by architects, contractors, and even energy consultants.

Results and the assessment of their significance

According to my experience as an expert in the field, more than 75 percent of all ventilation systems demonstrate significant errors in planning and implementation.


Potential errors can be avoided early on through the correct planning of ventilation concepts/ventilation systems and by enlisting the support of specialists, such as manufacturers and other experts. There are no relevant issues that would make it inadvisable to install a ventilation system in a new building or as part of a renovation.


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