Helmut Schuler
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11th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 24- 25 May 2019, Hannover, Germany

Purpose of the work

This lecture addresses the problems that arise when wall and roof sections are broken down into prefabricated elements.

Content of the contribution

In recent years, the level of prefabrication in timber construction has increased many times over. Although breaking down wall sections into prefabricated elements presents few problems at certain interfaces as long as this work and subsequent installation are done with care, unfortunately this is not yet the case for the roof elements. This paper addresses precisely this problem, with some interfaces presented using drawings and photos. Modular construction is also discussed for which various modules are interconnected to create complete apartments.

This paper focuses on the following aspects:

  • Where do problems arise?
  • How are the interfaces resolved?
  • The intent of this presentation is to show that there are solutions for these interfaces if certain rules are heeded.


The wood construction training center "Bildungszentrum Holzbau Biberach" is aware of these problems and seeks to impart this specialist know-how by offering further and advanced training courses to upgrade construction quality and to hand over to the developer a functioning building free of structural defects.


For more information, please contact the reference author at: h.schuler@zaz-bc.de