The 29th AIVC Conference, Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues, was held in Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008.

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The use of floor heating has been know sincemore than 3000 years from the Chinese Kang,the Korean Ondol, the Romans hypocaust to daysmodern water based systems embedded in thefloor construction.
Olesen, B.W.
In this paper we analyze by means ofbuilding simulation the effect of differentparameter combinations on the non-heating andnon-cooling temperatures of a typical airconditionedoffice building.
Caciolo, M.; Filfli, S.; Stabat, P.; Marchio, D.
The Mechanical supply only (MSO) ventilationsystem has many advantages, such as good airdistribution, easy pre-heating of cold fresh airsupply and prevention of chemical aerosolsintake through wall cavity.
Fukushima, A.; Murata, S.; Morita, T.; Niki, K.
In order to generate effective grid for CFDanalysis of wind environment around buildings in urban area, we newly develop non-uniformtype adaptive mesh refinement method(NUAMR).
Imano, M.; Sakamoto, Y.; Kamata, M.; Onishi, N.
The paper presents a new concept for a lowpressure drop supply system suited for theventilation of office spaces.
Baldini, L.; Meggers, F.