The 29th AIVC Conference, Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues, was held in Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008.

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This paper gives the status on the regulation on ventilation in the different regions of Belgium for residential and non residential buildings.
S. Prieus, N. Heijmans, C. Delmotte, P. Van den Bossche, D. Wuyts
Honda Wako Building(hereinafter called HWB)" is ahigh efficiency saving energyoffice building with six floorshaving 52,138-m2 of total floorarea.
Tamura, F.; Yokoyama, H.; Orima, M.
In the desiccant dehumidifier using adsorbentsuch as silica gel and zeolite, outdoor moist airis dehumidified in adsorbent.
Y. Momoi, R. Yoshie, A. Satake, H. Yoshino
Realistic knowledge of window-opening andfans use behaviour is needed, for the thermalsimulation of naturally ventilated buildings. Ifcontrols such us windows and fans wereefective and easy to use, thermal discomfortcould be largely avoided.
Rijal, H.B.; Humphreys, M.A.; Nicol, J.F.
A numerical model of an underfloor air distribution system was created to aid future research on the system's environmental performance. A validated numerical model can serve to minimize the need for costly experimental setups.
Chang, J.
In this study, field measurements andinvestigations have been carried out tounderstand the energy consumption and indoorenvironment of a sustainable designed officebuilding.
Shi, T.; Usami, Y.; Yoshino, H.; Makiko, Y.
The effect of downdraft spoilers is questioned.CFD results are presented for a large atriumequipped with downdraft spoilers ("obstacles")to counteract downdraft from glazed faqades.Simulations are in addition presented for oneandtwo-story test roo
Venas, B.; Borresen, B.A.
This paper describes the merit of daylighting bycomparing the physical and psychologicalaspects of light and heat radiation.
Maki, Y.; Shukuya, M.; Miyazaki, K.
This paper describes some qf the thinking behind the thermal comfort provisions of the new European Standard EN1 525 1 (CEN:2007) for free-running buildings. This standard deals with all aspects on the indoor environment.
F. Nicol, M. Humphreys, H. Rijal
This paper investigates the thermal effect of ceiling-mounted light fixtures for a displacement ventilation system. The influence of fluorescent lainps on a ceiling is examined by computational fluid dynamics and experimental methods.
Y. Hashimoto, H. Yoneda
Air tightness is an important property ofbuilding envelopes. It is a key factor indetermining infiltration and related wallperformanceproperties such as indoor airquality, maintainability and moisturebalance. Air leakage in U.S.
Sherman, M.;
Experimental study was conducted onimproving air-conditioners' energy efficiencyusing hydroponic roof plants. The air-coolingeffect caused by the solar-shading andtranspiration of hydroponic-cultivated sweatpotato was measured.
F. Wang, H. Yoshida, M. Yamashita
The paper presents the results of mold growthrislzs in a corner wall near an entrance door inan apartment house. The corner wall isrecognized as a trouble spot for condensationand mold risk in apartment buildings.
H.J. Moon, J.W. Park, Y.R. Yoon, S.W. Jee
A roof is one of the most importantcharacteristics of Thai architecture especiallyin a house, traditionally. Also, the roof is apart of the house that mainly effects energysaving due to heat allowance pass through andrelease from indoor space.
Boonyaputthipong, C.
An investigation was performed in a middle-corridor-type elementary school in Tolcyo, Japan, equipped with an air-conditioning system for cooling.Temperatures and C02 concentrations weremeasured in classrooms, corridors and outdoors.Visual inspect
Kurabuchi, T.; Kawase, T.; Fukada, K.; Ilno, Y.; Endo, T.; Yoshino, H.
In the past various experimental investigationsabout room airflows were published.
Heschl, C.; Sanz, W.; Lindmeier, I.
The author had participated IEAIECBCS Annexprojects since 1987, starting from Annex 16 forBEMS, ending at Annex 40 for Commissioning.I used to recognize how this line of continualset-up of subjects to optimize HVAC design andmaintenance through sy
Nakahara, N.;
Buildings are a man-made environment built innature.
Kodama, Y.
According to the definition, passive houses inEurope meet a target energy demand for heatingof less than 15 kWh per square meter and peryear.
E. Mlecnik, S. Van Loon, E. Hasselaar