H.J. Moon, J.W. Park, Y.R. Yoon, S.W. Jee
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29th AIVC Conference " Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues", Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008

The paper presents the results of mold growthrislzs in a corner wall near an entrance door inan apartment house. The corner wall isrecognized as a trouble spot for condensationand mold risk in apartment buildings. Thisstudy analyses mold rislzs based on a mixedsimulation approach. This approach requires areliable aggregation method to arrive atquantified mold growth risk and extension ofstandard simulation capacity to account for additional mechanisms of the moldphenomenon. The application of the developed mold risk indicator (MRI) is reported in apartment building case studies located in KOREA. This study reveals that 0.9 of temperature factor is required to avoid condensation and mold risks in the corner wall near an entrance door.