The 23rd AIVC and Epic 2002 Conference (in conjunction with 3rd European Conference on Energy Performance and Indoor Climate in Buildings), Energy efficient and healthy buildings in sustainable cities", was held in Lyon, France, 23-26 October 2002.

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This theoretical paper studies of the interaction between air curtains system and purging dilution systems in a real urban underground railway station in order to find the best design to reduce concentration of polluting gas toward adjoining envir
Gugliermetti F., Santarpia L. , Zori G.
The present paper aims to present a distant learning educational module that concerns the energy efficient integrated building design in the urban environment.
Geros V., Santamouris M., Amourgis S., Medved S., Milford E., Steemers K.
In this paper, a literature survey on rectangular and round ventilation ducts is presented. The comparison is based on two important aspects: pressure drop and noise radiation.
Hassan O.A.B., Yue Z.
The natural ventilation potential (NVP) is the possibility, or probability, to ensure anacceptable indoor air quality by natural ventilation only.
Germano M., Roulet C.A., Allard F., Ghiaus C.
It is well understood that there are many sick professional buildings in use all over the world. Most of them are sited in or near the center of large cities where the ambient atmospheric conditions are not good.
Asimakopoulos D.N., Helmis C.G.
A research project is designed to evaluate different aspects affecting human comfort in an architectural space. One of the basic parts of the research project is the evaluation of the auditory, visual and thermal comfort.
GedikG.Z., Ünver R., Karabiber Z.
Ventilation is one of the most important measures to dilute indoor air pollutants.
Hiroshi Yoshino 1 , Joonghoon Lee 1 and Jun Wada 2
This study included the IAQ survey concentrated on particle levels in the library store (area of 1000 m 2 and having books or journals over 100 000 pieces in total) at the basement.
Halonen R., Korhonen E., Keskikuru T., Liisa K., Reiman M., Kokotti H.
Noise measurements were made at 10 locations in ‘canyon’ streets in Athens with aspect ratio (height/width) varying from 3:1 to 1:1.
Nicol F., Wilson M., Shelton J.
A condensing device allows to avoid condensation on cooling ceilings in rooms with humid air. It uses thermoelectric modules in contact with the cooling panels.
Courret G., Egolf P.W., Sari O.
This paper describes current work to undertake a market assessment of the potential for the application of Passive Downdraft Evaporative Cooling (PDEC) to new and existing buildings in Southern Europe.
Ford B., Cairns K.
The indoor environmental quality of a building is intended as the thermal, visual, acoustic and indoor air quality performances as a whole, which provide health and comfort for occupants.
Aghemo C., Astolfi A., Pezzana S.
In the present communication, a psychometric model has been presented to evaluate the performance of rotary desiccant wheels based on different kind of desiccants e.g. silica gel and LiCl.
Beccali M., Butera F., Guanella R., Adhikari R.S.
The purpose of the work is the determination of unsteady variation of the moisture content in the walls. The mathematical model is based on humidity transport equations in porous media.
Vartires A., Lebrun J., Colda I.
The quality of indoor environment in dwellings is provided by physical properties of building constructions and by operation of HVAC-systems.
Petrás D.
The applicability of natural ventilation depends strongly on climate. The potential of natural ventilation represents a measure of the feasibility of natural ventilation in a specific climate.
Ghiaus C., Allard F.
The main goal of the present study was to determine thermal comfort parameters for dwellers of low-cost houses for a given set of indoor environmental conditions.
Krüger E., Espíndola R.
Detailed simulation studies on the design and development of PV/T systems are being carried out at the Politecnico di Milano, for their possible integration with a sloped roof.
Aste N., Beccali M., Chiesa G.
To evaluate innovations and efficiency as regards air-conditioning, it is necessary to know for how long and in which conditions the equipment functions, an indication related with the COOLING LOAD and which is their effectiveness - EER - on avera
Adnot J., Rivière P.
Material properties, water vapor permeability, sorption/suction isotherm and moisture diffusivity, are prerequisite for application of all hygrothermal models.
Qiu X., Haghighat F., Kumaran K.