The 23rd AIVC and Epic 2002 Conference (in conjunction with 3rd European Conference on Energy Performance and Indoor Climate in Buildings), Energy efficient and healthy buildings in sustainable cities", was held in Lyon, France, 23-26 October 2002.

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This study investigates the behavior of vapor in a ventilated room in which vapor is being produced.
Aizawa Y., Liu J., Yoshino H.
Double skin façades may help combine a high degree of transparency with high thermal and solar performance. Advanced façades serve as filters and may be responsive to changes in environmental conditions and occupant requirements.
Kragh M., Colombari M., Zobec M.
Nowadays the awareness concerning the environmental pollution and the demand of transparent facades in architecture, lead research in finding new solutions to increase the energy performances of the building and the installations as well.
F. Di Maio and A.H.C. van Paassen
The mitigation to reduce indoor pollutant concentration are increasing ventilation rate or to reduce the emission of the pollutant which is also common in VOCs.
A field survey on thermal comfort in Algeria has never been previously attempted, and for this reason the present study was conducted. The present paper will present a field study of thermal comfort in Algeria.
Belayat E.K., Nicol J.F., Wilson M.
This paper presents the results of a field study on five HVAC duct systems in France.
Carrié F.R., Barhoun H.
This theoretical paper studies of the interaction between air curtains system and purging dilution systems in a real urban underground railway station in order to find the best design to reduce concentration of polluting gas toward adjoining envir
Gugliermetti F., Santarpia L. , Zori G.
The present paper aims to present a distant learning educational module that concerns the energy efficient integrated building design in the urban environment.
Geros V., Santamouris M., Amourgis S., Medved S., Milford E., Steemers K.
Studies on buildings have shown that airtightness and insulation increased in family buildings and detached houses too, due to new thermal regulations.
Boulanger X.
A important part of educational buildings must be retrofitted in many European countries, in the next years, for historical and demographic reasons.
Cantin R., Adra N., Guarracino G.,Nicolas G.
The historical headquarter of Italian Ministero degli Esteri (Ministry of External Affairs) in Rome named as "Palazzo della Farnesina" is a very large (about 700.000 m 3 of volume) and complex multi-functional building.The objective of present stu
Beccali M., Butera F., Ferrari S. , Oliaro P.
Energy conservation represents a main concern for the environmental, economical and social problems. In this field, educational buildings are large consumer of energy and in many countries need retrofits.
Adra N, Cantin R, Guarracino G
Basis of this work was the question of the formation of air flows in ventilated test rooms with regard to wall influences.
Heschl Ch., Fesharaki M., Geyer J., Kelz A
Winner of First Prize in the 2 nd Commonwealth Inter-school Design Competition organised by theCommonwealth Association of Architects (CAA), 1991. The winning design was a pair of houses with wind towers.
Frendo J.
Insufficient concern about energy efficiency during the design and/or the operation of a building is the main reason for the high energy consumption of existing buildings.
Froehlich S, Wagner A, Wambsganß M, Schlums M
The needle heat exchanger (acts as a pre filter EU3) was installed in front of the glass fiber used as a fine filter (EU7) in the supply air chamber.
Halonen R., Kokotti H., Kujanpää L, Keskikuru T., Reiman M.
More than three quarters of all consumed energy in buildings are used for heating, ventilation and sanitary hot water preparation.
Medved S.,l Arkar C., Domjan S., Cerne B.
The fine filter (EU7) was included in the ventilation system which operated at full capacity only during working days.
Kokotti H., Halonen R., Kujanpää L., Keskikuru T., Lehtimäki M., Taipale A., Reiman M.
The Portuguese National Museum for Archaeology is undergoing an expansion and retrofitting. It is currently housed in one of the most important ancient monuments in Portugal: the Monastery of Jernimos.
Maldonado E.,Quinta P. and Jesus M.
The White Paper on renewable Energy states that the total energy requirements in thedomestic sector could be reduced by 50% in EU until the year 2010, half of which could be accounts for by introducing passive and active solar technologies in buil
Doukas P. , Santamouris M.