The 23rd AIVC and Epic 2002 Conference (in conjunction with 3rd European Conference on Energy Performance and Indoor Climate in Buildings), Energy efficient and healthy buildings in sustainable cities", was held in Lyon, France, 23-26 October 2002.

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In this work a methodology for indoor environmental quality assessment was applied, based on thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort indices and on their analysis and spatial representation.Object of the study was one secondary school classroom of t
Corrado V., Astolfi A.
To evaluate innovations and efficiency as regards air-conditioning, it is necessary to know for how long and in which conditions the equipment functions, an indication related with the COOLING LOAD and which is their effectiveness - EER - on avera
Adnot J., Rivière P.
Material properties, water vapor permeability, sorption/suction isotherm and moisture diffusivity, are prerequisite for application of all hygrothermal models.
Qiu X., Haghighat F., Kumaran K.
Based on the experimental results and predictions of a numerical model, the effects of uncertainty in estimation of imperfection of the interface on moisture transport were studied in the present study.
Qiu X., Haghighat F., Kumaran K.
This paper describes a modular facade system, which supplies the room behind with the necessary amounts of heat, light and fresh air.
Gutschker O., Berger U.
This paper considers an ideal naturally ventilated building model that allows a theoretical study of the effect of thermal mass associating with the non-linear coupling between the airflow rate and the indoor air temperature.The thermal mass numbe
Yam J., Li Y.
In the introduction of the paper are reasons presented, which cause local thermal discomfort. Currently the reasons of asymmetric thermal radiation are not clearly explained.
Budiakova M.
In order to save energy for building cooling during hot days in regions with cool nights, air circulation throughout the interior of the building has been envisaged as a means to lower the temperature of the building structural mass.
Todorovic B., Randjelovic I., Krstic A.
The use of hypochlorite for water disinfection is source of chloramines production, which are transferred to the atmosphere.Nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) is the main component, which is a major cause of respiratory and ocular problems for swimmers a
Teetaert V., Caillibotte G.
The White Paper on renewable Energy states that the total energy requirements in thedomestic sector could be reduced by 50% in EU until the year 2010, half of which could be accounts for by introducing passive and active solar technologies in buil
Doukas P. , Santamouris M.
Within an Italian Experimental Programme an interdisciplinary research for the retrofitting of some residential buildings in the surrounding of Florence has been carried out.
Raffellini G, Carletti C, Sciurpi F.
This paper outlines the Europrosper project whose objectives are to :1.
Cohen R., Bordass W., Field J., Francis A.
Approximately 300 low energy houses have been built in the Republic of Ireland by the multi-national CRH Plc and South Dublin County Council as part of a co-ordinated European Commission-supported demonstration project, RE-Start (Renewable Energie
Lewis J O, Goulding J R
Constructional aspects and the use of school building had led to moisture and mold damages confirmed by microbiological analysis from material, surface and air samples. Cultivation methods were used to assess mesophilic fungi and actinobacteria.
Reiman M., Kujanpää L., Kujanpää R.
The transformation of the Conservatorio San Giuseppe , into the Cospicua Residential Home for the Elderly has become a landmark in the neighbourhood.
Frendo J.
This paper presents an approach to evaluate the sensitivity of a roof design to condensation problems, given the uncertainty to achieve continuity of airtightness in practice.
Janssens A.
Reconstruction of late 19 th century building for new Slovene Ethnographic Museum is presented.
Krainer A.
Swedish dwellings often have mechanical ventilation with an almost constant air flow independent of variations in loads. The performance of these ventilation systems is often not satisfying. The occupant habits have changed e.g.
Blomsterberg Å. , Källman O. , Berggren T., Ryhre J.
A important part of educational buildings must be retrofitted in many European countries, in the next years, for historical and demographic reasons.
Cantin R., Adra N., Guarracino G.,Nicolas G.
The historical headquarter of Italian Ministero degli Esteri (Ministry of External Affairs) in Rome named as "Palazzo della Farnesina" is a very large (about 700.000 m 3 of volume) and complex multi-functional building.The objective of present stu
Beccali M., Butera F., Ferrari S. , Oliaro P.