The 23rd AIVC and Epic 2002 Conference (in conjunction with 3rd European Conference on Energy Performance and Indoor Climate in Buildings), Energy efficient and healthy buildings in sustainable cities", was held in Lyon, France, 23-26 October 2002.

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Together with the definition of innovative plant and envelope technological solutions for buildings, many simulation tools (models) have been developed to make the design choices easier.
A. De Salvia, R. Lollini, I. Meroni
A common architectural feature of curtain wall facades is constituted by a transparent double-glazing unit mounted in front of a recessed interior metal panel.
M. Zobec, M. Colombari, F. Peron, P. Romagnoni
Various types of double façades can be distinguished. In earlier work a simple simulation model for the energy performance of double facades is developed. In this paper the problem of modelling a half-open sunshade between sheets is discussed.
Truus de Bruin, Regina Bokel, Ellen Granneman and Marinus van der Voorden
During the design process of heating systems, the designer must analyse various factors in order to determine the best design options.
Matjaz Prek
Radiative cooling systems by means of nocturnal longwave radiation have captured the attention of today’s specialists involved in the construction building process.
D. Aelenei, C. Da Piedade and M. Rodrigues
The purpose of this paper is to validate Kittler-Perez model of classification of sky luminance distribution about the IDMP data in Kyoto Japan.
Noriko Umemiya
Energy performance standardisation evaluates all measures at the building and building services level that improve energy efficiency. Thermostatic valves are one of the choices, which are considered.
H. Hens, F. Ali Mohamed, G. Verbeeck
The energy consumption of consumer electronics is steadily increasing. In the 1992-1996 period its energy consumption has increased by roughly 50%.
P. Michel, P. Nolay, A. Anglade, A. Filloux, R. Cantin
The current paper presents the first outcome of a study dealing with thermal quality of buildings in a context of rationalized energy spending.
M.E. Hobaica, F. Allard, R. Belarbi and L. Rosales
SERRAGLAZE is a breakthrough daylighting system designed to be incorporated into the primary glazing of normal sidelit rooms to save energy and enhance comfort.The paper describes the design, construction and optical properties of the plastic SERR
Peter J Milner
Experimental and analytical assessment of three types of spacer bars used in making insulated glass (IG) units were performed and reported earlier, Elmahdy et al (1993).
A. H. Elmahdy
Information in the UK Climate Change Programme suggests that carbon savings in the domestic sector from end-use efficiency improvements could amount to some 4.7MtC/yr in 2010, based on allowances for improvements to the building regulations, resid
L D Shorrock and J I Utley
A review of the solar water heating equations in the BRE Domestic Energy Model was carried out using data from a recent monitoring project. The savings predicted by the model did not match the test data well, so improved equations were devised.
J H Henderson
The Universal Fibre Optics project which is part funded by the EC 'ENERGIE' programme involves design and construction of a luminaire which allows the integration of daylight and artificial light.
Mike Wilson, Axel Jacobs, John Solomon, Wilfried Pohl, Andreas Zimmermann, Aris Tsangrassoulis, Marc Fontoynont
The paper describes the comfort analysis based on simulation tools, microclimaticmeasurements and people response to interview.The results confirm a discrepancy between quantitative evaluation and sensatioin vote, butlowe then one reported by othe
G. Scudo, A. Rogora, V. Dessì
Preliminary experiments with a novel glazing system developed at the Desert Architecture and Urban Planning Unit of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev indicated that it may provide improved visual and thermal performance in buildings with large gl
E. Erell, Y. Etzion, N. Carlstrom, M. Sandberg, J. Molina, I. Maestre, E. Maldonado, V. Leal, O. Gutschker
We are developing a model that is able to predict the most adapted venetian blinds position (slat angle) for a VDU office worker, considering visual comfort matters.
Yannick Sutter, Dominique Dumortier, Marc Fontoynont.
Actually and in the near future, due to the necessity of refrigeration, the need of thermal energy dissipation systems will be increased. One of the best element, is the cooling tower, but it has one mean inconvenient, what is the use of a fan.
J. Mª Galán, A. Viedma, M. Lucas, P. Martínez and M. Gemelli
The Satel-Light Internet server provides to designers and engineers daylight information which was previously unavailable.
Dominique Dumortier, Frans Van Roy
The effect of the synoptic scale atmospheric circulation on the urban heat island phenomenon over Athens, Greece, was investigated and quantified for a period of two years, using a neural network approach.
G. Mihalakakou, H.A. Flocas and M. Santamouris