Georgakis Ch., Santamouris M.
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23rd AIVC and EPIC 2002 Conference (in conjunction with 3rd European Conference on Energy Performance and Indoor Climate in Buildings) "Energy efficient and healthy buildings in sustainable cities", Lyon, France, 23-26 October 2002

Measurements of wind speed and wind direction, air temperature inside and outside an urbancanyon also infrared radiation in buildings have been measured on summer 2001 in Athens, in fivedifferent urban canyons, in the frame of Urbvent project. Urban canyons with different geometricalcharacteristics and orientation were placed in five different neighborhoods in Athens.Measurements took place in four different height levels inside each canyon, in the facades ofthem, also in the top of each canyon. Measurements lasted three days per canyon, twelve hours per day.Extra terminal weather phenomena took place, during experimental period, in Athens establishing airand temperature distribution in urban canyons under hot, windy or common weather conditions.Experimental data were collected and storage every 30 seconds.The aim of these experiments was to develop design guidelines by using measurements ofmeteorological data in canyon streets. Gathering and processing these data also comprising with thetheoretical predictions, evaluates to the accuracy of the developed models for wind and temperaturedistribution in urban canyons. Such differences, if any, will be analyzed in order to determine theircauses.