AIRBASE is the Bibliographic Database of the AIVC. It contains publications and abstracts of articles related to energy efficient ventilation. Where possible, sufficient detail is supplied in the bibliographic details for users to trace and order the material via their own libraries. Topics include: ventilation strategies, design and retrofit methods, calculation techniques, standards and regulations, measurement methods, indoor air quality and energy implications etc. Entries are based on articles and reports published in journals, internal publications and research reports, produced both by university departments and by building research institutions throughout the world. AIRBASE has grown and evolved over many years (1979 to present day, over 22000 references and 16000 documents available online). For most of the references, the full document is also available online.

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Describes a study designed to investigate sooting problems in houses where occupants reported regular burning of candles.
Cooke G
The study was initiated to evaluate effects of automotive emissions from attached garages on the indoor environment in Canadian single-detached houses and the impact on occupants' health.
Grande C
The Conservation Co-op is a four storey 84 unit residential building in Ottawa, Canada, which when built (1995) embodied as many environmentally sound concepts and technologies as possible within the confines of an extremely tight budget.
Hill D
Documents what some builders have said about problems with moisture, soot and IAQ in relation to unvented gas fireplaces. Unvented gas fireplaces have become popular recently in the US due to their low cost and flexibility in installation.
Describes the post-construction HVAC system commissioning process done at a new historical museum and archival storage facility. Improper functioning of HVAC was discovered. The building was commissioned after occupation.
Ellis R T
The environment inside museums such as the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, USA is of utmost importance since permanent damage can be caused to artifacts in the environment is not correctly maintained and controlled.
Ault J R, Klein S A, Reindl D T, Guay P E J
This was a study of the relationship between mechanical ventilation and sick business syndrome in an office building with 1250 employees, where workers blamed the mechanical ventilation and indoor air quality for causing typical SBS symptoms such
Jaakola J J K, Heinonen O P, Seppanen O
This study compared the prevalence of sick building syndrome among two groups of public service workers in Perugia, central Italy.
Abbritti G, Muzi G, Accattoli M P, Fiordi T, Dell'Omo M, Colangeli C, Gabrielli A R, et al
The study evaluated the strength of tobacco smoke odour by sense of smell. Similar tests were done for other irritants in tobacco smoke.
Yaglou C P
Gives two examples at an air force base of poor maintenance of equipment. In the first study a comprehensive base-wide steam trap maintenance program is described. In the second a measured evaluation from a typical office building is described.
Szydlowski R F, Schliesing J S
A heat and mass transfer model of a walking clothed human has been developed in that study. That model predicts the transient thermal responses of the human and clothing giving temperatures, and latent heat losses.
Ghaddar N, Ghali K, Jones B.
The aim of ventilation for commercial kitchens is capturing fumes and odours, providing fire protection measures and insuring comfort.
Haëntjens H.
A 64 page guide on building-integrated ventilation solutions has just been published in Norway.
Schild P.G.