Shigeki Nishizawa, Takao Sawachi, Ken-ichi Narita, Hironao Seto, Yumi Ishikawa
Bibliographic info:
The International Journal of Ventilation, Vol. 2 N°4, March 2004, pp 419-429, 28 Fig., 1 Tab., 2 Ref.

To evaluate the property of cross ventilation quantitatively, it is important that the calculated air flow field is compared with measurement. In this paper, the air flow field in the wind tunnel of the Building Research Institute of Japan (BRI) was calculated by CFD analysis using the standard k- e model, and the adequacy of the calculation was examined by comparison with measured values. Results showed that: - The calculated air flow field was generally in good agreement with the measured field; - The distribution of the wind pressure coefficient was similar between measurement and calculation; - The calculated value of wind pressure coefficient was lower than measurement; - The turbulent kinetic energy was not significantly overestimated; - The differential pressure between openings showed a good relation to measurement; - The calculated indoor air flow, inside a simple building model enclosed in the wind tunnel, was strongly influenced by external conditions.