The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 2, 2003-2004

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The 3DFLOW code has been developed based on: · The standard three-dimensional K-epsilon two-equation turbulence model; · A modification for buoyancy effects; · Wall functions applied to deal with solid boundary conditions;
An-Gui Li, Phillip Jones, Zhen Bua, Qiang Zhang
In the present study, a numerical simulation to simulate an experiment for evaluating the cross-ventilation performance at an inflow opening by using Large Eddy Simulation (LES), the standard k-e model, and Durbin's k-e model was performed.
Yoshihiko Akamine , Takashi Kurabuchi, Masaaki Ohba, Tomoyuki Endo ,Motoyasu Kamata
A Local Dynamic Similarity Model, applicable to dynamic similarity of cross-ventilation, has been applied to outflow openings.
Tomoyuki Endo, Takashi Kurabuchi, Masaaki Ohba, Yoshihiko Akamine, Motoyasu Kamata
In computer simulations of buildings and other structures, in relation to HVAC and fire, it is fairly common to need to represent boundaries which are made up of double semi-transparent membranes. An obvious example is a double-glazed window.
Yehuda Sinai
To evaluate the property of cross ventilation quantitatively, it is important that the calculated air flow field is compared with measurement.
Shigeki Nishizawa, Takao Sawachi, Ken-ichi Narita, Hironao Seto, Yumi Ishikawa
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is conducting a study on the indoor air quality (IAQ) impacts and engineering solutions related to the transport of pollutants from attached garages to residential living spaces.
Emmerich S.J. , Gorfain J.E. , Howard C.
The mechanism of cross ventilation is dealt with in this paper. The results are obtained by a combination of wind tunnel studies and CFD predictions using a Reynolds stress model as the turbulence model.
Mats Sandberg
The present paper aims at investigating the indoor air quality in fifteen school buildings located in the greater Athens area.
Synnefa A.,. Polichronaki E., Papagiannopoulou E, Santamouris M., Mihalakakou G., Doukas P.,Siskos P.A., Bakeas E., Dremetsika A., Geranios A., Delakou A.
The efficiency of an exhaust system is especially important in a kitchen environment in which the exhaust is located at ceiling level.
Kosonen R., Mustakallio P.
Terrorist attack in buildings by chemical and biological agents (CBAs) is a reality in our lives.
Zhai Z., Srebric J. Chen Q.
The behaviour of particles in air flow is important for identifying those in various locations in ventilated space.
Einberg G., Holmberg S.
This paper examines the performance of a large new multi storey building which relies exclusively on natural ventilation. The building is designed to provide the main library and associated functions for Coventry University.
Simons M.W., Maloney B.J.
Data exchange is the process by which information is transferred between the engineer and software and between one piece of software and another.
Holmes M.J., Davies G.M.J.
According to its location, thermal mass can be approximately classified into two types: external and internal.
Yuguo Li , J. Chi Wai Yam
To accurately estimate the natural wind driven ventilation potential of a specific low rise building in a densely shielded or built-up area under local wind conditions, it is necessary to have site wind frequency data, pressure coefficient data, d
Bin Su
This paper reports on a field investigation of the effect of screening on the induced flow rate in solar chimneys. The solar chimney considered here was a roof solar collector (RSC).
Hirunlabh J., Piamwongjit P., Teekasap S.,Khedari J.
This paper investigates the effectiveness of a Purging System in a high-rise office building in Singapore with the aim of improving indoor air quality.
Sekhar SC, Cheong, D., Wai TK, Leng P.B.
The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the main fluid mechanics parameters in the exit region of three different terminal systems commonly used for controlled environments such as clean rooms or operating theatres.
Angioletti M., Di Tommaso R.M., Martinelli S., Nino E.
This paper reviews the flow network model based on power balance as applied to wind-induced cross ventilation in a residential building.
Shinsuke Kato
During the last two decades the significance of indoor environmental quality in buildings has been appreciated, not only in relation to thermal comfort, but also to indoor air quality.
Papadopoulos A. M. , Avgelis A.