Aynsley R.M.
Bibliographic info:
In "Wind Engineering" Proceedings 5th International Conference Fort Collins, Colorado USA 8-14 July 1979 vol.1 p.243-254

Investigates a rational method of utilizing recent improvements in wind tunnel techniques and meteorological data, to estimate potential wind-generated air flow through housing in hot humid climates. The method uses mean pressure differences obtained from solid wind tunnel models together with appropriate discharge coefficients for rectangular openings. Changes in pressure distributions due to typical openings through models indicated that the use of pressure data from solid models results in errors similar to those associated with the local wind data. Pressure distribution characteristics are provided for six model types, both isolated and in two parallel rows, for a range of wind incidences.< Gives a simple graph which can be used to estimate airspeed necessary to restore thermal comfort inside well insulated and naturally ventilated houses in hot humid climates.