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Volatile organic levels in indoor air

Pellizzari E D. et al, 1984
air change rate | air quality | ventilation | instrumentation | measurement technique | office | residential building | pollutant | pollution | organic compound
Bibliographic info: Indoor Air, vol.4, Chemical Characterization and Personal Exposure, Edited by B.Berglund, T.Lindvall, J.Sundell. Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm, 1984. 303-308, 4 tabs, 2 refs, #DATE 00:00:1984 in English AIC bk,
Languages: English

Volatile organic chemicals in indoor air of a home-for-the-elderly and a new local government office building were identified and quantified using Texax GCR samplers and capillary gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis. Over three hundred chemicals were tentatively identified in indoor air of thehome-for-the-elderly. Comparison of night-day levels were made. The new office building was also part of a longitudinal study which revealed a rapid decrease in levels with time for some chemicals (after completion) while others increased.

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