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VIP 31: Humidity Controlled Exhaust Ventilation in Moderate Climate

Savin J.C., Jardinier M., 2009
Bibliographic info: AIVC VIP 31, 2009, 12 pp
Languages: English, French Pages (count): 12 Original title: Ventilation hygroréglable en climat tempéré

Born with the energetic crisis, humidity controlled ventilation has been introduced in regions with a moderate climate as a means to fight condensation problems induced by tighter building construction and lower heating temperatures.

This paper develops the means and goals of humidity controlled ventilation in the framework of the building energy reduction.

Why have a variable airflow? 

Why chose humidity as the driving parameter? 

How does humidity controlled ventilation work? 

How to test the performances of such sophisticated products and what standard for the industry? 

How to evaluate the related energy gains? 

Those are the questions addressed in this paper.

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