TN 70: 40 years to build tight and ventilate right: From infiltration to smart ventilation

As the AIVC was created in 1979, the 40th anniversary of the AIVC was celebrated in October 2019 at the 40th AIVC conference in Ghent. In the context of this celebration, it was decided to publish 2 overview publications:

TN 71: Durability of building airtightness

Much progress has been made to improve the airtightness level of new buildings. Still, little is known about the durability of building airtightness, or the impact of degradation on airtightness. This report presents a comprehensive review of studies that deal with building airtightness durability. Regarding field measurement studies, the envelope airtightness seems to decrease during the first years after achievement and then stabilize. However, these variations are rarely explained. Key elements that may drive airtightness variations were identified.

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate in Buildings is out!

This monthly online newspaper contains relevant information on the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC)


TN 68: Residential Ventilation and Health

Exposures in homes constitute the major part of exposures to airborne pollutants experienced through the human lifetime. They can constitute from 60 to 95% of our total lifetime exposures, of which 30% occurs when we sleep.

Submit your abstracts for the AIVC 2023 Conference, Copenhagen – 4-5 October, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the AIVC -TightVent - venticool 2023 Conference: “Ventilation, IEQ and health in sustainable buildings” is now accepting abstracts & proposals for topical sessions. The Conference will be held during 4-5 October 2023 in Copenhagen at the premises of Aalborg University.


Upcoming AIVC webinars - November/December 2022

The AIVC invites you to register to the following webinars organized in November & December 2022. Participation is free for all, but prior registration is required.


AIVC newsletter issue #22 – September 2022

The September 2022 issue of the AIVC newsletter has just been released. Specific contents include:


15 November 2022 [15:30-17:00] - AIVC/venticool & AHA webinar “Dumb buildings with smart users?"

The transition to climate neutrality has a large impact on the job of building and HVAC designers, manufacturers, installers, investors, etc. Renovating our building stock to make it more energy efficient is a huge task. Both research and practice prove that users have an important impact on this performance. Human-building interactions, like window opening, thermostat and solar shading usage, affect the performance of the building and HVAC systems.