Colborne W.G. Hall J.D. Wilson N.W.
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Preprint ASHRAE 1984 Annual Meeting Kansas City USA 17-20 June 1984 12pp. 5 figs. 2 tabs. #DATE 17:06:1984 in English

Uses the building energy program DOE 2.1A with the objective of validating it for use with single-family dwellings. Carries out four studies, each with a different set of conditions. The first involves a single-story house with full basement, while the second involves a single-story house on a slab. Runsblower door tests to estimate infiltration. On a bimonthly basis, simulated heating energy differs from the measured value by up to 11%. The third study, using 75 similar houses with electrical resistance heating, shows an agreement of within 5% between simulated and actual measurements. The final study using an unoccupied house with electric heating also shows good agreements between simulated and measured space temperatures and heating energy. Discusses the difficulties and uncertainties of specifying the input for computer simulations of single-family dwellings.