Nicol F, Robinson P, Kessler M R
Bibliographic info:
UK, James & James Ltd, 1988, proceedings of "Environmentally friendly cities", PLEA 98 (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) conference, held Lisbon, Portugal, June 1998, pp 467-470

In 1993, the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK, refurbished the open-plan first floor Design Studio in their Publishing Department to use natural ventilation to keep the interior cool. At the same time the third floor, which was not suitable for passive cooling, was fitted with mechanical comfort cooling units and the intermediate floor was not changed. This paper compares tl1e thermal performance of the three floors and discusses the results of a staff-satisfaction survey conducted among the occupants. It shows that despite conditions being cooler on the third floor in the very hottest weather, the passively cooled floor was preferred overall. Lessons can be drawn for the successful use of passive cooling in temperate climates.