Khedari J, Yamtraipat N, Pratintong N, Hirunlabh J
Bibliographic info:
Energy and Buildings, No 32, 2000, pp 245-249

The paper presents a ventilation comfort chart that has been developed under Thailand climate and using Thai volunteers. 183 male and 105 female college-age subjects were exposed to different thermal conditions in order to investigate the effect of air velocity on thermal comfort in ventilated "non-conditioned" spaces. To this end commercial electric fans were used to control the air velocity near the subjects. The air velocity varied between 0.2 and 3 m/s. Room conditions varied between 26°C and 36°C (D.B.T.) and 50-80% relative humidity. Thermal sensation vote was recorded through a questionnaire. The Predicted Mean Vote was used to determine the indoor neutral temperature. This developed chart could be used to design ventilation system for offices and classrooms.