Shorrock L D, Dunster J E, Seale C F, Eppel H, Lomas K J
Bibliographic info:
UK, Building Research Establishment, BEPAC Conference, "Building Environmental Performance - Facing the Future" proceedings, 6-8 April 1994, University of York, UK, pp149-156.

BREDEM 8 has been tested against measured consumption data and against simulation models. The testing has addressed both the annual and monthly energy use predictions and the predictions relating to important design issues.

Testing against measured consumption data of the highest quality has confirmed that the model produces overall predictions which are reliable. Testing against simulation models also demonstrates that BREDEM 8 produces overall predictions which are very comparable to those of the simulation models.

The tests against simulation models also allow the performance of BREDEM 8 to be assessed for a number of important design issues. The results show that, except in one very extreme case, BREDEM 8 exhibits the same trends as the simulation models.

Furthermore, the resolutions of the models when BRED EM 8 is included are almost as good as those for the simulation-models alone, and in some cases they are as good. The resolution observed .are quantified.