Koskela H, Hautalampi T, Sandberg E, Lindgren M
Bibliographic info:
Sweden, Stockholm, KTH Building Services Engineering, 1998, proceedings of Roomvent 98: 6th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms, held June 14-17 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, edited by Elisabeth Mundt and Tor-Goran Malmstrom, Volume 1

A test room and measurement system were developed for the full-scale measurements of the active displacement air distribution. The room represents a 3-meter wide module of a larger hall. The requirements for the room included minimisation of the errors caused by air leaks, thermal conductance and flow obstacles. The measurement of the flow pattern is carried out with ultrasonic and thermal anemometers. Automated traversing system was built to move the sensors in the vertical symmetry plane of the room. The temperature gradient and boundary conditions of the test room are monitored with temperature and pressure sensors. Tracer-gas experiment is carried out in each test condition. The room was tested for air and thermal leakage and a calculation model was developed for leakage estimation. Measurements were carried out in one test condition to check the performance of the system and to compare the results given by different sensors. The test room and the experimental procedure were found suitable for the designed purpose. Two other papers named Convective Flows and Vertical Temperature Gradient with the Active Displacement Air Distribution and Behaviour of Convective Plumes with Active Displacement Air Flow Patterns concerning this study are also submitted to be presented at the conference.