Chatagnon, N.; Dalibart, C.; Karjalainen, S.; Klobut, K.; Koronaki, I.; Puccetti, P.
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8th IBPSA International conference and exhibition on building simulation- Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - August 11-14 - 2003 - Session 1P10- Poster -

The aim of the European SSHORT (Sustainable Social Housing Refurbishment Technologies) project is to increase and promote rational and efficient use of energy in the retrofitting of social housing buildings. In this scope, one step was to evaluate with simulation studies the technical and economical interest of selected sustainable technologies on standard collective social housings in participating countries. Selected technologies are dual : flow ventilation with heat recovery, solar energy systems (solar domestic hot water (solar DHW), photovoltaic panels) and building energy management systems. Each partner was in charge to study the potential interest of one selected technology for each participating countries. According to studied technology, simulations have been conducted with f-Chart method, TRNSYS and CA-SIS tool (Electricit de France (EDF)s tool
based on TRNSYS models). The paper proposes to present the methodology to conduct studies, simulation results and main conclusions about the potential interest of selected technologies in the retrofitting social housing sector.