Michel Tardif, Sébastien Brideau
Languages: English | Pages: 9 pp
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40th AIVC - 8th TightVent - 6th venticool Conference - Ghent, Belgium - 15-16 October 2019

The new schools in Canada are designed to improve indoor environment quality while achieving a much better energy performance than the code compliance requirements.  
The IAQ and thermal comfort of a radiant heating and cooling floor combined with displacement ventilation was monitored in a recently built primary school in Québec, Canada. Despite a good thermal stratification, the air quality measured in the occupied zone was above CO2 acceptable level. In order to improve IAQ, it was proposed to do some tests such as the position of the classroom door opened or closed and the addition of a mechanical assisted exhaust fan. The classroom door, when opened combined with mechanical exhaust fan did have a positive impact on air quality. Results are presented during heating mode condition