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Proposed nordic standard for ventilation and thermal comfort.

Fanger P.O., 1980
ventilation | thermal comfort | indoor climate | standard
Bibliographic info: In "Building Energy Management", J.E.Woods, A.P.Faist (eds.) Proceedings International Congress Povoa de Varzim 12-16 May 1980 p.609-614
Languages: English

Presents a proposal for an Indoor Climate Standard, to be included in the building codes of the nordic countries. The standard comprises two parts: 1) air quality and ventilation, 2) thermal environment. The paper presents and discusses the main features of the two parts of the standard. Mechanical ventilation is required in all buildings including dwellings at a minimum outdoor air change of 0.5/h. Limits for operative temperature and for thermal non-uniformity are given for winter and summer conditions. The proposal is a basis for designing energy efficient buildings while maintaining an indoor climate which provides acceptable comfort and does not impair health.

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