Blomsterberg A, Wahlström A, Sandberg M
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings of Room Vent 2002 (8th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms) - 8-11 september 2002 - Moltke's palace, Copenhagen - Denmark - pp 525-528, 3 Fig., 2 Tab., 5 ref.

One of the main objectives of this pilot study in a Swedish school was to evaluate the hybrid ventilation system with respect to ventilation, IAQ, thermal comfort, use of electricity for ventilation. The monitoring phase, lasting 2 years, included continuous measurements of outdoor environment, indoor environment, energy use. The monitoring system was integrated with the building energy management system. The reduction in energy use for space heating in the buildings was important and the reduction in use of electricity for ventilation too. Measurements and questionnaires showed improvements in the indoor climate. The same performance specifications and design criteria could be applied in many other schools .