C.-A. Roulet, N. Johner, F. Flourentzou, G. Greuter
Bibliographic info:
Healthy Buildings 2003 - Proceedings 7th International Conference (7th-11th December 2003) - National University of Singapore - Vol. 3, pp 574-579, 4 Tab., 11 Ref.

The stake of sustainable development is to ensure today's and future developments of awealthy and healthy society in a high quality environment. This is also valid for sustainablebuildings that should take account of environmental, economical and social stakes. Thisincludes, among others, low energy use, good indoor environment quality (IEQ) and health.One of the aims of the European HOPE project is to evaluate buildings from these points ofview. The multicriteria methodology developed in Europe during the last decades fordecision-making can be used for deciding if a building is globally good or poor, or for givinga label. For this, stakes should be defined, criteria should be listed and an evaluationmethodology should be built. This contribution outlines a methodology adapted to this type ofdecision and applies it to a first sample of buildings.