Summerfield P. Nicholls R. Spence A.S. Letherman K.M.
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Proc.of the CIB-W67 Workshop on indoor air quality and energy conservation Helsinki University of Technology 15 June 1983 Report B3 p.I1-I6 3 figs. 2refs. #DATE 01:06:1983 in English AIC bk,

Describes the monitoring of 15 low energy houses built by Manchester City Council. Conservation measures include insulation, internal draught lobbies to exterior doors, draughtproofed windows and doors and tight building envelope, window ventilators with extract fans. Monitoring consists of a continuous recording of a limited number of basic parameters, and an intermittent recording of a larger number of variables at shorter time intervals. The monitoring apparatus yields electronically recorded digital data which is processed by computer. Uses the data to compare trends in the thermalperformance of low energy dwellings with similar "normal dwellings", and to validate a prediction technique developed by UMIST. Concludes that there is a mean reduction in heating consumption of 37%.