Collet P.F.
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Energy conservation in buildings - heating, ventilation and insulation Proceedings Contractors Meetings Brussels 14-15 Dec 1981 6-7 May, 24,28 and 30 September, 21 October 1982 #DATE 21:10:1982 in English

Measures the air change rate in 2 atrium houses and in 6 terrace houses. Examines the possibility of allocating the air change to particular rooms by correctly placed and operated exhaust ventilation and ventilation openings. Concludes that in dwellings with mechanical exhaust the fresh air change rate only depends slightly on the ventilation openings being opened or closed, and that it is possible to direct fresh air flow into different rooms if the doors within the house are not tight. In the dwellings with natural ventilation only concludes that ventilation openings are too small for adequate ventilation rates. States that for natural and mechanical ventilation, openings must exceed 250-300 cm2 and be reasonably distributed.