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Measurement of infiltration in two residences part II: comparison of variables affecting infiltration.

Bahnfleth D.R. Moselely T.D. Harris W.S., 1957
air change rate | air infiltration | wind speed | stack effect
Bibliographic info: ASHAE trans. vol 63. p453-476
Languages: English

Examines dependence of measured infiltration rates on wind speed, indoor/ outdoor temperature difference and pressure difference. Gives results in form of graphs of measured values. Calculates air-change-rate from crack length and finds good agreement with measured air-change-rate. Suggests that this is as a result of over-estimating the effect of wind and neglecting stack effect. Finds that stack effect is more important than wind. Comparison of the two houses found that the house shielded by trees and houses had a considerably smaller infiltration rate than that on an open site.

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