Jiří Novák
Languages: English | Pages: 2 pp
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40th AIVC - 8th TightVent - 6th venticool Conference - Ghent, Belgium - 15-16 October 2019

Due to the wind induced pressure, different results may be obtained if the inside-outside pressure difference is measured across different locations on the building envelope, i.e. if the external pressure tap of a differential pressure sensor measuring this pressure difference is placed in different positions. Therefore, the position of the external pressure tap may influence an airtightness test result as well. As the wind induced pressure is linked with the wind speed, it can be expected that the influence of the external pressure tap position on the airtightness test result would be amplified with increasing wind speed. The aim of this full-scale experiment is to quantify the variability of the airtightness test results obtained under repeatability conditions with different external pressure tap positions in function of the wind speed. The motivation is a better understanding of the real influence of the wind allowing a better estimation of the measurement uncertainty as well as possible improvement of the measurement technique.