12th International BUILDAIR-Symposium 2021 [AIVC endorsed]

The 12th International BUILDAIR Symposium will take place on June 25 and 26, 2021 – as a bilingual online conference, in view of the corona situation. The meeting again offers an ambitious programme. Among other things, the presentations will deal with measuring techniques, gluing and sealing difficult details, minimizing the air permeability of materials, quality assurance for very technology-intensive objects and measuring technology for very tall buildings.


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When airtightness alone is not enough: Structural damage due to flank convection

Purpose of the work

All too often, we experts and measurement technicians are totally fixated on airtightness issues. Based on three practical cases, I would like to demonstrate that windproofness, minimal convection in the insulation layer, and the convective separation of different structural elements from one another should also be taken into account in order to prevent structural damage.

Method of approach

The topics

Airtight interface connections in the elements

Purpose of the work

This lecture addresses the problems that arise when wall and roof sections are broken down into prefabricated elements.

Content of the contribution

Most frequent planning and installation errors in ventilation systems

Purpose of the work

Improve the effectiveness and performance of ventilation systems. Are there hygienic concerns regarding a ventilation system?

Method of approach

Practical experience as an expert in the field

Content of the contribution

Reports from various countries on the status of the national annexes of ISO 9972 – Spain

Even though air leakage assessment is key towards a better energy performance of buildings, Spain has still not established limitations regarding airtightness. National building regulations in Spain are gathered in the National Building Code (CTE), which was first released in 2006 and updated several times so far.

Directive on the Airtightness of Minergie Buildings (RiLuMi 2018)

The situation in Switzerland is as follows: Neither the Swiss Energy Act nor cantonal energy acts/energy regulations stipulate a legal measurement of airtightness. The current standards of the Swiss Engineers and Architects Association (Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein, SIA) are the latest standards for architecture. The 2014 edition of SIA Standard 180 defines requirements for airtightness with limit and target values. The limit values are to be complied with in a voluntary measurement.

New developments in the field of airtightness measurements and airtightness designs in Switzerland

Purpose of the work

I have already talked about the issue of airtightness designs in Swiss standards at the Buildair Conference in 2015. What are the challenges we are facing two years later, regarding airtightness in Switzerland? And which of the issues in this context could be of interest for other countries?