TN 70: 40 years to build tight and ventilate right: From infiltration to smart ventilation

As the AIVC was created in 1979, the 40th anniversary of the AIVC was celebrated in October 2019 at the 40th AIVC conference in Ghent. In the context of this celebration, it was decided to publish 2 overview publications:

TN 71: Durability of building airtightness

Much progress has been made to improve the airtightness level of new buildings. Still, little is known about the durability of building airtightness, or the impact of degradation on airtightness. This report presents a comprehensive review of studies that deal with building airtightness durability. Regarding field measurement studies, the envelope airtightness seems to decrease during the first years after achievement and then stabilize. However, these variations are rarely explained. Key elements that may drive airtightness variations were identified.

13th International BUILDAIR Symposium – Collection of presented abstracts

A new collection is now available on AIRBASE, including the BUILDAIR 2023 Symposium abstracts which were presented during June 2- 3, 2023 in Hannover, Germany.

The full collection can be found and is freely accessible here.


TightVent newsletter issue #24 – June 2023

The 24th issue (June 2023) of the TightVent newsletter is now available! Specific contents include: 


Feedback from the AIVC Workshop “Towards high quality, low-carbon ventilation in airtight buildings”

We are happy to inform you that the recordings and slides of the AIVC 2023 workshop “Towards high quality, low-carbon ventilation in airtight buildings” held in Tokyo, Japan on May 18-19 2023 are now available online here.

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AIVC 2023 Conference, Copenhagen – 4-5 October, 2023

The  AIVC -TightVent - venticool 2023 Conference: “Ventilation, IEQ and health in sustainable buildings” will be held during 4-5 October 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Abstract submission is still open. Authors should submit their abstracts by March 27, 2023.

Detailed information & other important deadlines for the call for abstracts can be found at:


Ventilation Challenges in a Changing World (Book of Proceedings)

The Book of Proceedings of the 42nd AIVC - 10th TightVent - 8th venticool Conference: "Ventilation Challenges in a Changing World" held in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 5-6 October 2022

Ventilation Challenges in a Changing World (Slides)

The Presentations at the 42nd AIVC - 10th TightVent - 8th venticool Conference: "Ventilation Challenges in a Changing World" held in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 5-6 October 2022


Lesson learnt and new protocol for the Durabilit'air project: laboratory measurements

This work is part of two French research projects “Durabilit'air1” (2016-2019) and “Durabilit'air2” (2021-2024), that aim at improving our knowledge on the variation of buildings envelope airtightness through onsite measurement and accelerated ageing in laboratory-controlled conditions.   
During a past AIVC conference, a publication of the Durabilit’air1 project has presented and discussed an experimental protocol for characterizing assembly of products for buildings’ airtightness in laboratory controlled conditions.   

Impact of implementation conditions on the durability

The content presented comes from the Technical Note (TN) 71 “Durability of building airtightness” published on Airbase, the AIVC bibliographic database.